Patient Feedback

The CGCAHPS survey is a standardized tool to measure patient perceptions of care delivered by a provider in an office setting. Below are some of the confidential comments included in responding patients’ feedback.

I am very happy that Dr. Arora opened his practice in Denton. I feel confident of the care I receive at this office. I really like that he keeps other physicians involved with my health care informed. I will definitely refer my friends and family to Dr. Arora.

This was my first appointment with this provider. I loved the office staff and nurse. They were all very friendly and helpful. The doctor was very nice and understanding of my health concern. I would recommend this doctor to my friends, family and co-workers if they need a specialist.

The best doctor I ever had – came to see me in hospital – calls – found out I had cancer made sure I got treatment – outstanding care.

Dr. Arora was very nice and professional. He answered all of my questions and put my mind at ease about what has been going on with my health. The office staff have all been very helpful during my visit. I would definitely recommend Dr. Arora.

Excellent doctor – very knowledgeable and kind. Explains in detail and listens. Love that the nurse comes in and goes over all new instructions with you including new drugs and possible interactions. I am an RN and I highly recommend this provider and office. They provide a high level of care.

The very first time I met Dr. Arora was on Christmas Eve 2013 in the hospital. I had a piece of turkey meat stuck in my esophagus and he performed an endoscopy to remove it. It was virtually painless!

Very satisfied.

I was very happy with my appointment with Dr. Arora!

Dr. Arora’s office staff is very pleasant and very willing to work with you. The office is very clean. Not a long wait time. Dr. Arora is a very pleasant man.

Everyone was friendly and explained everything very well. I will definitely keep this doctor.

This was my first visit with Dr. Arora. Just completed test. Most results given day of procedure. Final info (a biopsy) not available yet. Exemplary people skills. What a professional! He cares!

I was very pleased with Dr. Arora, MD and his nurse.

Informative, helpful, and hopeful first experience with your office. Please continue as I felt you all did your jobs with a great friendliness and much professionalism. Thanks!

Chaney (nurse) was very helpful to answer questions when I called.

Dr. Sarah Kent referred me to Dr. Arora. He has exceeded all expectations of someone who helps a person with hemorrhoids.

Some of these questions did not apply – I have had only 1 visit with this prior to scheduling a colonoscopy. I found Dr. Arora exceptional in his interest and ability to explain the procedure and answer my questions.

This was my first visit to Dr. Gaurav Arora. I was very pleased and will see him again soon. He was very pleasant and kind. This was a get acquainted visit and he did go over my records, talked with me at length, and gave permission to call if I needed him.

Was there one time, but went home knowing he would help us. We were not rushed and went into great detail as to what his intentions were.

Went to another doctor for 2 or 3 years for my Crohn’s Disease – with no success or improvement. Dr. Arora has really helped me and seems interested in my case.

Dr. Arora and his colleagues in the Texas Oncology Group are absolutely first class – I couldn’t wish for a more dedicated group of doctors. I am so pleased to be under their care!

Very good experience.

Answered our questions and advised about added treatment – Felt better after leaving the office – will contact office if further treatment is needed.

I found Dr. Arora to be very competent and caring. He listened and explained in detail the colonoscopy I am to have next Monday. He inspired my confidence.

Dr. Arora strongly recommended that I get a colonoscopy and gave me literature that thoroughly explains the procedure since I have never had one. I did a 10 day series of colonics by a professional person about 20 years ago and still get one 2 or 3 times a year. I’m not interested in having a colonoscopy done. Dr. Arora gave me a brochure about a healthy diet which helped me a LOT. He also gave me the name of a good product to use to keep my BM’s working properly.

It was as pleasant and informative as I could have hoped it would be. I will be having a procedure done after the 1st of the year.

Dr. Arora is the best doctor I ever had. He got me on the liver transplant list a UTSW – he found cancer that was previously overlooked. He’s very nice too.